Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kinky Boots

Not long ago, I blogged about some beautiful boots I was obsessing over. However, the price tag is ridiculous. Well, my sister searched for some affordable options and I will share her findings with you. Click on any of the pictures to get to their website:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Several Treats

If you ever have an opportunity to see a performance by the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, take it. Really, no matter the title or subject matter, I am certain it will be worth the trip. Thursday Night, I attended the Gala performance for DADA's Alex in Wonderland, a show which Ms. Allen brought to life at the Kennedy Center in DC and revived this year in LA. With music by James Ingram and children of all ages dancing from ballet to hip hop and tap, it was a phenomenal experience. It was also an amazing fundraiser complete with a silent auction, all the proceeds of which provide scholarships for dancers at the academy - talk about Save The Music. With school, work, tv and computers, enough of us don't remember to get some culture from time to time and participate in the arts, so get on it. You won't regret it.

All in a day's work: Before attending Alex in Wonderland, I had a major priority and that was to go to Revival, a vintage boutique our here that I read about in Vibe Vixen months ago (Rihanna edition...OMG, did you know that magazine is now defunct? That's a whole nother story). I made a mental note that I would go when I had a little money, but either the dollars weren't right or school was kicking my butt, so I couldn't make it out there until this past Thursday....Finally! I am so glad I made it at all. I went with my mom who was in town for the gala and we had a ball. The owner, Nicole Swasey (left) is adorable and fabulous and I can't wait to go back. I found a beautiful magenta cape with fox fur around the neck, but I couldn't justify the nearly $400 purchase. However, Nicole gave us a coupon for our next visit and I have been pondering all of the places that I can wear my future fox cape (another gala, my living room, the grocery store).

To LA girls and visitors hoping to stop through Revival, it's important for me to mention the website ( because there are a few other Revival locations in the LA area that ARE NOT Nicole's, but this fabulous vintage collection can be found in Sherman Oaks, CA (which I learned yesterday is "The Valley"). Check it out.

Behold: Paul & Joe beautiful draped tunic which I tried on at some boutique store on Sunset and thought it was hot! But it was outrageously priced! $596! UGH! Anywho, it is also on shopbob so I have been able to lust after it for a month or so. It's so fly that I thought I must share and take my word for it, because it is even more beautiful in person than in this pic. [This is really a shameless ploy for my sister to devise a plan for me to receive this gift on Christmas. Of course, if I have inspired someone to splurge on this fab top, it's all good. I don't mind a twin.]

Delightful & Inexpensive

It appears that Supermodel Iman has created her own line of affordable accessories inspired by worldly finds from her own personal collection. Tia Williams, of the blog Shake Your Beauty, quoted Miss Iman as saying "[The collection is] inspired by the vintage jewelry that my husband has given me over the years...You're never fully dressed without an accessory! They're the stars of your wardrobe." Iman's handbags and accessories are available on Take a look at my favorite piece from the collection below (under $50):

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh Happy, Conflicted Day!

Until today, I had sworn off all things Sex and the City, the movie that is. I didn't want to see a trailer, a production pic, nothing. I was at peace with where it ended and I didn't want to see something that ruined such a perfect memory in my mind. Well, while checking for movie times, I came across the debut of the trailer and I couldn't resist, nor was I disappointed! View here! Love it!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Where Have I Been?

I have no excuse other than the fact that I am a student, and a hard working one, like never before. I read and write, and have 3-4 hour long classes, shoot films on weekends, and see a lot of movies. My favorite this fall was We Own The Night with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg. It was fantastic, but didn't get the attention it deserved. Catch up if you can and see the film. Oh, and Stardust I loved as well. Michelle Pfeiffer plays a hideous witch, and that's reason enough to see it!

So, in an attempt to ensure that I blog more (because my loyal readers sent me nasty emails), I am adopting the Bossip, YBF, and Perez way of life: Big pics, short, more frequent posts. Cross your fingers!

So, here you have it: my life in LA, a pictorial...

USC Codie

Here is a pictures of me and some of my classmates at Area. I am awful, because I have been out to a club fewer times than I can count on 1 hand since I moved to LA. I need to step my "nightlife" game up. Nevertheless, those are a few of my classmates and I think they're all fab! (I hope they don't kill me since I put their pics on the web.)

My guardian

Trudy A. Williams, Esq
. - My godmother and my mom's friend since they
were in preschool. You will be surprised to learn that she is, in fact, a Delta! (Despite the fact that she is completely decked out in all red, she usually wears pink. We were on our way to a Greek picnic.)

My cousin's 21st Birthday Party

Darling Tyler turned 21 in October and we went to this amazing and beautiful Indian restaurant on Wilshire (which I can't remember the name of). The birthday girl is next to me in the center with the midnight blue dress.

Why Is This Happening?

Los Angeles: Ahhh, so beautiful and warm. Don't you just want to stay here forever?...Lies. I've been BAMBOOZLED! HOODWINKED! Los Angeles is COLD. Ok, so it's not New York cold, no snow and whatnot, but it does have a winter. It gets to the 40s at night and maybe 60s at different times during the day and chooses to be a sunny 70-someodd degrees at 2 in the afternoon. So the key, I have learned, is layering. Problem is, you need tanks to layer, you need simple shirts to layer, you need a nice drapey sweater to layer. All of this is necessary so that when you are walking to your car, class, lunch, etc in the middle of the day you don't die, or at the very least, sweat your clothes off.

So, I have been on a poor woman's search for the perfect "wear with everything" (or most things) sweater, but for some reason the trend right now is sweaters with SHORT SLEEVES. What is that about?

To the left is a Juicy sweater that my psyche was lusting after - much cuter on than in the photo. I imagined it with leggings and boots, jeans, pumps, etc. Just a casual little diddy to enjoy on a lazy afternoon. I passed on it once or twice, because I didn't want to spend the $198 (I know, ridiculous), but after so many mornings waking up to 60 degrees and reaching for it, disappointed, I decided to make it mine. I went to make my purchase and it hit me - I will have to wear a shirt under it, just to stay warm! WTF?! I had just plain forgotten, didn't realize that a sweatershirt/hoodie could possibly have short sleeves! UGH. Back to the drawing board, walking through the outdoor mall a block from my house and I found myself at Bloomingdale's with the same observation: Short sleeved sweaters. What is this torture? Then, the sweaters that are full length are $500+ or just plain ugly. Like this $598 number below:
Luckily, I have found a solution. The day I arrived in LA (August 10th), I was in awe of a black Tibi draped neck cardigan at Bloomie's. It was hot then and I didn't know what was to come, plus it was also damn near $500, so I passed reluctantly (I guess if passing is begging my mom, her saying no, and then going back each week hoping for a sale). I also searched for it online - Sometimes you can find your favorite items cheaper online - but no luck, except that Net-A-Porter had a cream colored one, but still expensive. Well, I must have done something right, because as soon as I was getting really depressed about these awful temperatures, the cream colored one went on sale! 40% off!