Sunday, December 31, 2006

All You've Got to do is Dream

The fact that I waited a whole week to talk about Dreamgirls is in no way indicative of my feelings for the film. I did see the film on its release date, Christmas day and I LOVED IT. Call me biased because I love musicals, but that film was wonderful – incredibly entertaining, beautifully made, and full of music and laughs.

"Jimmy got soul!"
Eddie Murphy reminded us that he has not disappeared. He is still the hilariously talented actor we have known for more than 20 years and he showed out as Jimmy Thunder Early! It was fantastic to see his Saturday Night Live James Brown imitations come back to life with depth.

It is no secret that Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce can sing, and you don’t have to have seen Dreamgirls to know that Jennifer’s voice delivers in this movie. However, sitting in the theater experiencing it is completely different. Her voice was made for Effie; It was made for “And I Am Telling You” and nothing I will say here can do it justice.

In terms of acting, Beyonce and Jennifer were blessed to have the easiest role of their lives. I don’t say that to trivialize their performances, but singers playing singers…it can’t get much better. I am not aware of any future aspirations JHud (she uses this abbreviation to sign off on her blog), so I won’t comment on her potential on the big screen. However, for Beyonce, this was the perfect role for her to hone on her abilities as an actor. (She said in an E! Network special that she hopes to win an Oscar before she’s 30. Before Dreamgirls, I thought that was a lofty objective.) I found her depiction of Deena very honest. It was obvious that she stepped outside of her comfort zone to fulfill a character that, although they had similar backgrounds, was unlike her. She did a good job and, if nothing else, showed her sincerity in the craft. I want to also bring attention to Miss Anika Noni Rose (left). While the characters garnering the most attention are the well-known ones, the well-credentialed theater actress did a fine job in the movie as well bringing some dependable talent to the Dreams.

If you haven’t seen the movie and are still in need of some convincing, check out That site is also good for people (like my friend Shone) who are obsessed with the movie and all of its characters. It reviews each character’s performance. Oh, and don’t think I forgot about Jamie Foxx, but I guess it is true what they say: Everyone’s performance upstaged him. It isn’t that he didn’t do a great job, but that was expected. He was a convincing Curtis Taylor, Jr. and let everyone else steal the show.

Did You Know? Sheryl Lee Ralph (center) was Deena in the original Broadway cast. Ever since Moesha, she has seemed oddly popular to me, contributing commentary on BET, MTV, and E! Network specials. Not that one has to be particularly qualified for that, but I always thought her appearances were weird. Knowing that she was in a hugely successful Broadway play at one time kind of sheds a light on that.


I was so blown away by this information that I had to share. Fact: We already know that it is necessary change your toothbrush every three months, your loofa (bath sponge) about the same. Thank God milk has an expiration date, but there is another very necessary expiration date ladies need to know. According to Tim Quinn, celebrity make-up artist for Giorgio Armani, and if you are like me, this will stun you, mascara, no matter the brand, must be replaced every 6 weeks. Who knew? I certainly did not. He says,
“Old mascara flakes no matter what kind it is. If you’re wearing it daily, you need a new tube every six weeks, minimum.”
Whether it is YSL or Maybelline, throw it out after just over a month.


Who the H- is this woman? I know there are much more important and intelligent people I could be talking about (which I will soon enough), but, really, WHO IS THIS WOMAN? There is no denying that she is gorgeous, but that is about where the niceties end and my story begins…Friday night, my hip-hop devoted boyfriend was reading, a Hip Hop news and gossip website where they were awarding “Best ‘Whatever’ of 2006” awards. The site selected Kim Kardashain to present the award for “Chicks we’d like to…” (read the site to understand exactly what the award was) and proceeded to explain why she was qualified. SOHH claims she has been linked to The Game, P. Diddy, Nick Cannon, and after further research, I discovered that the 25-year old daughter of one O.J. Simpson’s lawyers from the infamous trial, is friends with Paris Hilton (which is clearly a strike against Kardashain) and has also been attached to Nick Lachey, possibly BEFORE his divorce. Well, I never speak ill of Nick Lachey (the divorce really hurt me), so I will move on from this gossip tidbit and move on to why I even care to learn more about this girl.

These facts and the half naked google images of her led me to write her off as a much more attractive Karrine Stephans (I won't even dignify her with a link) then I learned that she is apparently a stylist. I say “apparently” because I have never heard of her. So, I share this seemingly pointless story because I am curious as to who has heard of her – please comment on my blog if you have and in what capacity. I am intrigued. Is she a slightly famous hardworking stylist suffering from disgusting press (with half naked pictures on google) or a slutty, rich socialite claiming to be a stylist because she can afford expensive clothes? It sounds like I’m hating, but I am just curious, I swear.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hello Hello Hello

It has been almost two weeks since my last posting due to a very busy week studying for, taking, and FAILING the GRE. Yep, I said it – I failed the GRE (Hilariously, my friend Walter continues to refers to the test as the GED) – after a few months of barely studying, I received a score below what is required for acceptance into the grad school to which I have applied. So, no, I didn’t get a letter grade F, but I didn’t get the score required for my dream school, so I am quite disappointed. I did, however, learn an important lesson and that is that prayer does not trump laziness. I just have to get serious and take it again with a new attitude!

Nevertheless, I have returned to my blog to share with you the more positive experiences gained from my absence.

#1. Thank God for digital cable, primarily Music Choice: Smooth R&B(channel 408 in DC). I was once addicted to VH1 Soul, MTV Jams, and MTV Hits, but Music Choice has taken their place. I next to never listen to the radio, so music videos were the only way to for me to keep up with new songs, not to mention I LOVE music videos. However, when washing dishes, cleaning my room (/living room/closet/bathroom/dining room – I live in a studio; It’s all the same), watching videos is a major distraction. Smooth R&B plays classic songs from Levert, Freddie Jackson, Sade, Babyface, and Luther and mixes them with Jodeci, Brian McKnight, more than a decade of Mariah, and a little Van Hunt, Robin Thicke, and Tamia. It’s fantastic! BUT, they aren’t videos. It’s beautiful, because, in addition to hit singles, they play songs that were never released on the radio and never a video. That opens the door to so much more music! I find it absolutely relaxing and motivating at the same time. I can get things accomplished while I listen to the hits of my time (though I am an old soul, I used to listen to nothing but old school R&B in high school).

#2. EBay. I remembered my high regard for eBay this week. For those of you who go on eBay and buy clothes and shoes and even cars and such, more power to you. I haven’t been so lucky. It’s not that I have been taken advantage of, lost my money, or bought a disappointing product, as much as I am just majorly paranoid about Internet purchases and I don’t even let it get to the point where I lose money. However, when it comes to finding random stuff to tickle your fancy, eBay is not a bad way to go. As you know, I adore Tracee Ellis Ross...Well, I have the fall edition of Vibe Vixen Magazine with Ms. Ross on the cover. Of course, I bought it for the cover story, but I found the entire magazine insightful and full of fashion and lifestyle tidbits I want to remember (Shout out to the editors of Vibe Vixen for that). Certainly, I would never taint a magazine with Tracee Ellis Ross on the cover by tearing out pages, attaching post-it notes, etc, so I had to find another way. Low and behold, someone is selling the magazine on eBay, so I don’t have to rip mine up. Crisis averted, thanks to Mandu's Magazine Megastore.

Oh, and I must credit eBay with another pleasant surprise: Christmas on eBay! The desperation of the holiday season and the desire to find the perfect gift led me to search simply for the word Beyonce and see all of the unique items that come up. I can’t tell you what I found because it would give away a fabulous Christmas present, but thanks to t-shirtmecca , my best friend Shone can show that she is Beyonce’s number one fan.


I would be purely negligent, if I did not mention Atlantic City. While everything cannot be done Sex and the City style, my girls and I did bring sexy back to the AC last weekend.
CJ: the VERY hardworking Howard University law student celebrating the end of her first semester.
Kim: the supermodel turned “let me finish school” undergraduate who leaves the AC a butterfly
Brooke: an overworked investment banker celebrating news that is too juicy to discuss on the Internet YET
Sidney LarShone: my fiesty little Brooklyn blonde turned fiesty little red head…from Brooklyn
Kayla: one quote: “Ohhh, you look like the married one.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Congratulations, Miss DC USA Mercedes Lindsay!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Time I Fessed Up

"Your wardrobe can always suffer for your shoes."
- Mark Gill

Mark Gill is my stylist. Well, Mark is a stylist whose clientele includes my mom and several of her friends. So, indirectly, Mark is my stylist, because I am lucky enough for those 6 degrees of separation. Mark is blunt and aggressive with his “gift.” He holds nothing back when sharing the lessons of outer beauty. A few weeks ago, Mark and I had lunch at CafĂ© Milano with my friend, Marchlena. She and I were trying to absorb as much free fashion advice as possible and Mark shared a valuable, but seemingly obvious, tidbit: “Your wardrobe can always suffer for your shoes.” I was stunned, but at the same time, I thought “duh!” Too often we neglect to care for our feet and sacrifice their beauty for some irritatingly cheap stiletto heel. Plus you can wear jeans and a t-shirt with some amazing shoes and still make a unique statement. I was enlightened.

I remembered my newest fashion rule as we strolled through Georgetown that afternoon. I contemplated a pair of $600 Cynthia McCartney black round toe pumps that I had been eyeing for a month, but passed. I loved them, but I wasn’t ready yet. I did get some fantastic skinny jeans though. Thank God for J Brand Jeans! (I wholeheartedly recommend them. Just look at Posh.)

Fast forward to today: I am poor, like really, really, really poor. I have been eating cheese and crackers at work, graham crackers and peanut butter at home, and crossing my fingers that free meals come my way through friends and colleagues. I can’t even afford monthly parking by my apartment; I have to park around the corner and it’s 30 degrees outside! I keep trying to hint to my mom to drop some funds my way, but she is not trying to hear it. But, please, don’t feel sorry for me…I brought this on myself. I spent $--- on a pair of shoes and now I am suffering by my own hand. It’s sick I tell you!

Aside from my depressing existence ever since I purchased the shoes, I still support the lesson. Shoes (and accessories) over clothes any day. I wouldn’t suggest depleting your bank account for some hot shoes, but choosing fabulous footwear to spice up your wardrobe rather than searching for a ton of new sweaters is certainly a great idea.

Monday, December 4, 2006

There's Hope

An overwhelming number of my colleagues and friends in the class of 2005 have struggled to find happiness in the working world. We entered jobs hoping for a "stepping stone," a great networking opportunity, or for a good amount of money until our dreams become approachable. This process is probably very necessary, but nevertheless, it is agonizingly frustrating. Ideally, trekking through these preliminary positions will provide the motivation for greater purpose and responsibility. And with the cheerful intention of inspiring those enduring this enlightening post-graduate experience, allow me to introduce you to the first of my friends to receive a job she is passionate and excited about.


Like many of the friends I graduated with, Porsha, a Public Relations major, entered the post-graduate life (also known as “the real world”) just hoping to open a door in her field. As a PR major, Porsha was one of the most stylish people I knew and her goal was to work at a PR firm representing a fashion line. She took a job as an administrative assistant for OK! Magazine, a popular British tabloid magazine just arriving to the US, just to get her foot in the door of an entertainment outlet in New York. OK! was intended to be a stepping stone, but she became increasingly frustrated not moving around within the company or finding that perfect opportunity elsewhere. She probably spent every day complaining to friends and searching the web for better opportunities until finally Showroom 7 gave her a taste of the fashion world.

Showroom 7 is a sales agency representing several national and international designers to major high-end department stores and boutiques all over the world. After 4 months as a sales assistant, the liason between the senior sales staff and buyers, still a little frustrated not being given the responsibility she desired, the company asked Porsha if she would be interested in being an Account Executive and she jumped at it!

So what on earth is an Account Executive? In her new position, she is responsible for growing clients businesses by meeting directly with stores and attending trade shows all over the world. So, that’s worldwide travel, a raise, and nurturing her passion for fashion. I could not be more proud (and jealous) of her and I can’t wait to brag on my many other friends as we outshine what’s expected of us and realize our dreams.