Friday, November 24, 2006

November is almost over, but I have a lot to share.

What an evening! After another late departure from my exhausting job, I headed home thankful for finally reaching the end of this terribly long week. (I worked everyday, including Thanksgiving.) I have been looking forward to one event for a little over a month – ‘Bobby.’ Cutting right to the chase: It was fantastic. I am absolutely delighted by the last two hours of my week. I expected the tale of how a historical and tragic event changed lives, but the ability of Emilio Estevez (yes, 'Mighty Ducks' Emilio Estevez) to creatively develop and display the stories of the individuals in the Ambassador hotel the night Sena Robert Kennedy was assassinated was outstanding.
OH – then there was the assassination itself. As a 23-year old with little interest in politics and a slim recognition of historical data (I’m not proud of it, but it’s true), I can honestly say I didn’t know much about this man’s life or his death. Aside from being exciting and artistic to watch, it made me angry and frustrated at the audacity of hate. I can’t begin to understand what someone sees so horrible in people like RFK, JFK, or Martin Luther King Jr., so horrible that they must kill them in order to achieve – what? That, to me, is unfathomable.

Well, on a more positive note: Welcome, welcome, welcome! What a journey every day has been since entering the real world – W2s, the friendship diaspora, caring (a little) about politics, traveling the world, and learning that a career and a degree may have nothing to do with one another. I am introducing this blog so that you can join me as I recount many of my experiences over the past year and gab about the events of today. Together we will figure out how to pull it all together for a promising future. I don’t claim to have any superior knowledge, only many great friends in life, several wise and unique mentors to guide me, enough sense to know to ask a lot of questions, oh, and a plethora of reading material and TV to keep me fabulous!

Major credit to Darnell Sutton who inspired this blog. He reminded me that I have something to say and instructed me to present my voice to the world in the simplest way. And an even bigger credit to Johnica Garrett for teaching me what the hell a blog is.
Thanks, guys.

ITEM OF THE MONTH: It’s not a bag. It’s not skinny jeans. It’s a Promise. I am a total slave to music videos (among many other entertainment outlets). I work in 24-hour cable news, but when I am not at work, I am glued to VH1 Soul, MTV Jams, and MTV Hits day and night. (I take breaks for Girlfriends and America’s Next Top Model) I have to give it up to Ciara! I love the new “Promise” video! It’s so hot, absolutely outstanding! It’s so powerfully sexy and feminine and, to top it off, it was directed by a woman, Diane Martel, who has directed more than a few of Mariah’s videos. That’s fabulous! Isn’t it uplifting to see someone excelling at his or her craft, no matter what it is? (Obviously not referring to Ciara’s vocals, but her dancing ability) And the video’s obviously talented choreographer deserves never-ending credit for the inspiringly seductive moves.