Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why? Why? Why?!

If you're a woman and you have seen Common's "I Want You" video, then you probably couldn't take your eyes off of Kerry Washington's boots. Problem is, she is sneakily sashaying around Common's apartment and you never get a clear view of them. She wore what appears t be some adorable ankle high, cinched, dark gray-maybe black, suede boots - and I have searched madly for them and found only these by Paul & Joe on Shop Bop. The problem now becomes -Why? Why? WHY? are the beautiful shoes $825?! Why must I lust after them and concoct ways to come up with the money or justify the credit card debt? Please, someone, find me some similar shoes for an appropriate price - I'll owe you one.


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Anonymous said...

forgive me its actually