Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cutting a Rug...

...on roller skates!!!

I used to LOVE roller skating, but like many of you, I am sure, I fell off. No, I didn't, like, fall off of some roller skates - that would be totally trife and I was a damn good skater. I fell off the sport (which was trife as well). But I rekindled that love with a workout on wheels early this semester. See above flyness for proof - that's not some random outfit I thought up. It was an 80's birthday party and folks were SERIOUSLY decked out. I am talking Cyndi Lauper/Madonna skirts and sweatbands. These people were not playing games. And I found out it was 80's nearly 2 hours before the party so I promptly cut a sweatshirt and paired colored tights with tube socks. Hey, nobody said anything about cool 80's, as long as it was 80's, and my hair was on only one side of my head so that counts for something, right?

So, the verdict is in and roller skating is just as bangin' in '08 as it was in '88. I LOVE it all over again. Apparently, I am not alone, because there is an abundance of 40somethings that pop in there round midnight on Sundays and Sinful Thursdays skating backwards and freakin each other on custom skates. They ain't playin for a second. If you thought ATL or ROLL BOUNCE was a joke, they didn't. Trust. Oh, and enjoy this little gem from the same night:We are 80's divas.


Anonymous said...

Yay for roller skates and off the shoulder sweatshirts!

Vicarious-leigh said...

First of all YEAH for the post. I was jsut about to email your behind for you to update. Second, I don't remember you being into roller skating. Granted, I was in school for most of your teenage life, but I don't ever remember you going skating or anything...oh well. SMH at your 80's outfit. You were born in the 80's so mostly you wore Osk Kosh and whatever lame outfit Mommy put you at the effort.

Anonymous said...


Cuttin sweatshirts was a MUST in the eightees, can't remember to ever see a sweatshirt with the neck intact.
Cutting them is sooo simple as sweatshirts won't fray or stretch much, just lay them flat and hack that neck off :-)
But remember you need to use adidas sweatshirts like this one or sweatshirts with big logos on the front.


Anonymous said...

this is a sweatshirt that begs to be cut :-)